Arma Reforger AI can now drive vehicles – INDIA

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Arma Reforger is equipped with the still relatively new Enfusion engine. This means, among other things, that a number of features that players often encountered in previous Arma games and in general in the ancient Real Virtuality engine need to be re-implemented and as best as possible. These include the ability of artificial intelligence to control vehicleswhich finally appeared in the latest update 1.2 called Reinforcements.

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AI-controlled soldiers can now, for the first time, control ground vehicles, navigate road networks, and effectively avoid obstacles. This opens up new possibilities for both cooperative play and PvP modes. Artificial intelligence can also use suppressive fire, effectively distributing weapons among soldiers or separating crew members of vehicles. In addition, players will finally be able to join their team. Recruit AI-controlled companions and give them orders move, stop, suppress, heal, follow or defend a location.

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Source :Indian TV

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