The author of Fallout spoke about possible participation in the development of a new work

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Tim Kane is one of the main creators of the Fallout series. The American developer stood at the very birth of the now famous brand, when he participated in the development of the first two parts as a designer and producer. He subsequently signed on to develop Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines after its completion. moved to Obsidian Entertainmentwhere he worked on games such as Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny or The Outer Worlds.

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Cain has dedicated the last year to his own YouTube channel, where he adds various interesting observations and stories he has collected during his rich career as a developer. In the last video he dedicated himself possible participation in the development of a new FalloutThe development of which has been the subject of quite a bit of speculation lately, Cain said his primary concern would be whether the new installment would offer anything new.

Only emphasis on innovation, new ideas and mechanics according to him, this is a key element through which one decides whether to participate in specific game projects or not. After this, he noted that in the past he had rejected several offers that did not meet this very important condition for him. In any case, the current focus is on Tim Kane’s possible involvement in the development of Fallout 5. On the contrary, it is safe to say that the famous developer continues to collaborate with Obsidian in the development of the upcoming role-playing game The Outer World 2 as a consultant.

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