Britain’s largest chain will stop direct sales of physical games – INDIAN

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Every year the digital market takes up an increasing share, and physical versions of games are on the decline. This is especially noticeable in the UK, Germany, the United States of America and other important regions.

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With this in mind, brick-and-mortar and online video game retailers are looking for additional support. Xzone’s own puts more emphasis on products, and JRC has become part of Smarty’s electric store. This is British Games (formerly owned by JRC) to abandon direct sales of boxed games and consoles.

According to a post on the Gfinity Esports website, the UK chain is considering stopping selling games and hardware directly in stores. Instead, focus on pre-orders. Customers will then be able to pick up their ordered items in store or ship them home.

Employees should be disappointed with this new direction, they note. loss of identity And they don’t see any added value, since the client will not be able to immediately purchase the game/equipment. Instead, it will wait for delivery. You can order the product directly from large online stores such as Amazon.

He has already removed the game from his assortment. bazaar versions of games and continues to fire employees. However, a company representative denied the latest information. So let’s see if he’s telling the truth.

“Game continues to support the physical gaming market by offering a wide range of physical games, hardware, software, accessories and digital products in stores and online,” the representative added. But if you look into one of the British games stores, the majority of them are occupied by toys such as Lego, Barbie or Funko Pops.

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Source :Indian TV

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