Commandos: Origins showed a new trailer

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Kalypso Media has released another trailer for the upcoming return of the Commandos series, subtitled Origins, which was officially unveiled in October last year. You can watch it in the new gameplay trailer. frames from the alpha version, which mainly show a varied environment. In terms of individual locations, you will visit different parts of Nazi-occupied Europe.

But in some missions you will also see the battlefields of North Africa. In terms of gameplay, it will follow the previous installments of this famous gaming brand, especially the stealth and related distractions behind enemy lines. In this direction, the above sample indicates the use of traps and snares. Commandos: Origins will be released later this year on PC (Steam) and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The game will also be available on Xbox/PC Game Pass on release day.

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Commando: Origins

Source :Indian TV

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