Steam infused with bananas – Zing

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Traditionally the most popular games on Steam, led by games like Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2 and PUBG: Battlegrounds, a previously unknown group called Banana has also been included in the past few days. This is a primitive clicker that available completely free. In the game you do nothing but click on the banana image a few times. Despite everything, it is currently the most popular game on Steam, with over 884,000 concurrent players.

This value makes the banana historically ninth most popular game on Steam, who also left behind records of such famous AAA games as Hogwarts Legacy, Baldur’s Gate 3 or Call of Duty. The game owes such high numbers to the trading system on the community market. Clicking on bananas rewards you with items in the form of cards and skins, which can then be sold on the Steam Community Market.

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In addition, they complement standard items. rarer items with higher prices. Additionally, all indications are that bots are also involved in mining virtual bananas, so the real question is how many players are actually playing this bizarre game. Paradoxically, the biggest beneficiary of all the mania surrounding the Banana game and the related situation in the community market may be Valve, which, as the operator of Steam, takes a certain share of each trade between players.


Source :Indian TV

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