Connecting PlayStation Portal to a public Wi-Fi network just got easier – INDIAN

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Sony has released a new driver update PlayStation Portal. Extensive update brings long-awaited connectivity options public wifi and improvements, including displaying the battery level as a percentage.

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The main novelty is the ability to connect PS Portal to a public network. If a public network is available in places such as hotels, cafes and airports, you can connect the PS Portal controller to the Wi-Fi network by entering the required information (such as ID, password and room number) on your mobile phone. or computer.

“While we recommend using PlayStation Portal at home, where you can control the quality of Wi-Fi, you can also use the device away from home. We have noticed that many players are using this device in this way.” – Sony says in the caption.

The Japanese company notes that PS Portal may not support connections to some public networks, such as with a frequency of 5 GHz. However, when you are in areas with supported Wi-Fi, you should see special rectangles on your screen.

Improvement is an option view remaining battery level in percentage. Simply open the Quick Menu, go to Settings > System > Battery, and turn on “Show battery percentage.”

Sony has improved system software performance and stability. Last but not least, messages and controls on some screens have been improved.

“During the initial setup of the PS Portal driver, you may be prompted repeatedly to download and install updates. Please note that this is expected behavior of the PS Portal driver and does not indicate a faulty device. Once you have downloaded and installed updates multiple times, your PS Portal driver will update subsequent updates as usual in a single download and installation.” explains Sony.

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Source :Indian TV

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