The Fallout series will not receive improved versions of old parts

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The recently released Fallout series has significantly increased interest in the entire brand, which has had a positive impact, for example, on the sales of individual games. In recent weeks, Bethesda management, led by Todd Howard, has faced questions following this event. indicating the future of the series. In recent days, interest has been aroused, for example, by a statement by the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, Phil Spencer, who admitted that the new Fallout may come out a little earlier than originally expected.

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Todd Howard expressed his view on the situation around Fallout in an interview with the YouTube channel MrMattyPlays, who noted that, despite the obvious interest from players, he definitely does not want to rush the development of a new Fallout. Such ambitious and large-scale projects, according to him, they just need time. One of Bethesda’s directors and executive producers was also asked about possible remakes of the first two installments from 1997 and 1998, which use isometric projection.

But Howard decisively stopped any speculation in this direction, saying that remakes of the mentioned parts are not a priority for the studio. But he added in one breath that Bethesda will try to make sure that the original versions of old games can be played even on modern PC builds and operating systems. However, there will be no improved versions or possible console ports for the foreseeable future.

Source :Indian TV

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