Blizzard veterans announced the release date of Stormgate

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Developers from the indie studio Frost Giant, led by former Blizzard employees, have published new materials from the upcoming real-time strategy called Stormgate. From the developer diary attached below, we also learned the exact release date, which was scheduled for August 13, when the game enters the Steam Early Access program. Thanks to the free-to-play model, the base version of the game will be available for free.

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But they will also be available three paid versions with additional content and early access to start playing on July 30th. The price of individual packages has been set at 25, 40 and 60 euros. The authors of Stormgate do not hide the fact that they are inspired by classic strategies from Blizzard, led by the games StarCraft 2 and Warcraft 3, the legacy of which they want to continue.

Separate modes in the form of campaign, cooperation and 1v1 multiplayer will take you into a world that combines elements of science fiction and fantasy. In addition to the aforementioned dev diary, you can also check out the film’s trailer and a sample of one of the available factions.

Source :Indian TV

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