A lesson in more advanced photography using footage from the game Life is Strange: Double Exposure – INDIAN

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When it comes to adventure Life is Strange: Double Exposure, the return to the popular world and the even more popular character Max Caulfield were talked about mainly due to a small controversy. This is because players who pre-order the most expensive edition will have access to the first two chapters a full two weeks before the official release, which many fans don’t like for various reasons. But it’s still hidden under the guise of Square Enix’s traditionally unsavory practices. a game we can now take a look at thanks to some amazingly extensive gameplay footage.

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It was released late last week 18 minutes of footage from the beginning of Life is Strange: Double Exposure. So you won’t find too many spoilers here, but instead a well-known take on Max’s new story. Deck Nine, who took the reins of the series from developer Dontnod Entertainment and was responsible for Life is Strange: Before the Storm and the excellent Life is Strange: True Colors, is so evident here too.

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Source :Indian TV

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