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In recent years, many games have appeared in the gaming world in which you have to explore an inhospitable environment, the best thing to do is to settle in it and survive there for as long as possible. Viking Valheim, the magical Enshrouded or the mysterious and terrible The Forest are just some of the many games in which you will have to survive. Good concentration coupled with well-executed gameplay has hundreds of thousands of players pouring countless hours into these games, and it’s no wonder. Stanlock Studios but there was a missing theme. And vampire.

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In V Rising you will have to survive among monsters, wild animals and the undead. And it will be a lot of fun, because in the world of vampires you will play for those who are at the top of the food ladder, for vampires. However, this does not mean that you will not have to fear vampires, since other players can easily prevent you from spreading your dominance.

Let’s take a look at how Stunlock, a studio that primarily creates fast-paced PVP games, managed to create a game that’s worth spending tens, if not hundreds, of hours on.

As a vampire, you wake up after centuries of sleep and can’t help but wonder how the world has become shrouded in darkness. The undead require more and more space for themselves, the surrounding fauna and flora no longer seem so dangerous, and people do not fall at your feet as before. In fact, some have even been trained as vampire hunters and naively wander the world thinking they will hunt you down. All that remains is to rebuild your castle from scratch and show who rules it.

The dark atmosphere of the vampire world is a truly original concept in creating a survival game with a strong emphasis on PvP battles, which means that you will meet other players – vampires who like to take credit for what you are currently wearing. Thanks to the history of Stunlock studio and in his previous games like Battlerite or Bloodline Champions, combat with other players is really polished. But if you don’t feel like competing with others and just want to build your castle in peace, there are also many servers where other players are not allowed to raid you. The game is adapted to both playstyles, which we highly appreciate.

Rising – a survival game strong RPG elements played in isometric view. You view your character from above, but he can still be fully controlled using the WSAD keys, and attacks are carried out using the mouse. This combination is very suitable for precise tactical combat and role-playing games, and I can’t think of a better choice for this game. You are introduced to the mechanics of the game at the very beginning, in the dungeon where each player starts.

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