The creator of Elden Ring still hasn’t created the RPG of his dreams

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The head of the company FromSoftware Hidetaka Miyazaki, the creator of Elden Ring, has always had a positive attitude towards the role-playing game genre. Even before he started playing video games, he was very active in their tabletop alternative, which was mainly based on books. His passion can also be seen in his work, which is truly magnificent. Inspiration from the world of “The Lord of the Rings”, DnD and a number of other areas is also evident in his new products, which he commented as follows: “You could say that trying to capture the excitement of those old board games and gamebooks was one aspect of the creation of Elden Ring.,

Elden Ringu creator still hasn't created the RPG of his dreams Hidetaka Miyazaki

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Despite all the qualities, the president does not consider FromSoftware their new creation for the perfect product. However, he says it’s very close to the ideal form of what an ideal role-playing game should look like. When Miyazaki was asked what his idea of ​​an ideal role-playing game was, he replied: “It’s hard to say without giving away spoilers about my next idea or our next games. But I think one thing that I don’t necessarily lack, but that gets in the way of achieving my ideal, is that when I play, I know everything that’s going to happen in advance. In short, I know everything that is happening or will happen. So in terms of enjoying the game from a player’s perspective, I’d be happy not to know. If someone else has made my ideal fantasy game, please, if possible. Then I can only enjoy it as a player.In short, the idea that the best food is the one you don’t cook yourself applies here too.

One of the most striking company names FromSoftware you can play on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Elden Ring will soon be complemented by Shadow of the Erdtree, which will enrich the game world with a number of important innovations and, above all, expand its story again.

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