Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP shown in action. It will be released in September

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Remaster of a hacked action game Lollipop Chainsaw With subtitles RePOP was shown in the gameplay trailer. While it reveals little other than the visual side, developers from Drag Gamesworking on the game along with the original authors have published details of an improved version.

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RePOP will work PS5 And Xbox series V 4K And 60fps. On Nintendo Switch players will have to be content 30 fps V Full HD. In addition to consoles, the game will also be aimed at PC, where I didn’t watch the original version. The developers promise to reduce loading times on all platforms.

The remaster will offer additional RePOP mode, in which some of the violent scenes are replaced with new pop art effects. The camera has also been given an impact that players will have more control over, combo timing should be more relaxed, and the movements and attacks themselves will be faster.

Simplification This also applies to other elements, such as the Chainsaw Blaster getting more ammo or an auto-fire mode, combos being available from the start of the game, the Zombie Baseball mini-game being rebalanced, and quick-time events filling up automatically. The latter relief can be disabled in the settings.

There will also be new chainsaws or cosmetic options for the main character – hair colors and costumes. The soundtrack will be redesigned to be based on the original music, but the creators have previously stated that some songs will not be returned due to rights. On the contrary, we will also hear new music. Last but not least, the developers have heard fans’ calls for the so-called Real time attack a mode that will allow players to compete in completing six levels against the clock.

Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP will appear on the above-mentioned platforms. 25-th of August in digital version.

Source :Indian TV

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