Minecraft Update 1.21 – Dungeons and Autocraft?! – NATIVE AMERICAN

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The long-awaited addition for Minecraft June 13 update 1.21. We first learned about his upcoming content on Minecraft Live 2023. his name, Challenging Challenges, was announced in April of this year, and in early June (June), Mojang released two videos detailing the upcoming Trial Chambers, new mobs, and items. So let’s see what’s in store for us in this big update.

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The biggest news is the ones already mentioned. Trial Chambers. We can find them either by chance, by excavating caves, or by using a map purchased from the villagers. Traps and many enemies await us. Tie sends us a new block – trial spawner. The difficulty of the challenges depends on the number of people we are playing with. After killing all the mobs, we can also count on loot from the new storage block. Using the trial key, each player will receive their own rewards.

If the hordes of enemies are not enough for you or you want to get better rewards, just drink the mysterious elixir from the so-called ominous bottle. Next, you exchange the resulting “Bad Omen” effect for “Test Omen” and many other things that require Sinister Trials they can start. Alternatively, you can enter a village with this effect and cause robbers to attack unsuspecting villagers. From the Sinister Trials we receive a special key with which we have a chance to obtain, for example, one of the parts necessary to craft the newly added weapon.

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