Review of the board game Kutna Hora: City of Silver

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So, we have another week ahead, and with it a new review of one of the boards, the discovery of which excited players in the gaming market. After Altrey’s collection of short stories, today we have a text based on the historical strategy Kutna Hora: City of Silver, in which you will begin to build a famous metropolis.

Number of players: 2 – 4
Game time: 90 – 120 minutes
Price: 1349 CZK (Tlama Games)
Age: 14+

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Kutna Hora: City of Silver allows you to build houses and tunnels

Kutná Hora: City of Silver is a game set in the era of guilds, which to some extent determines the gameplay itself. In short, which guild you are assigned to at the beginning of the game determines which buildings you will end up in while playing Kutná Hora: City of Silver. You always have three alternatives. The menu includes metallurgists, builders, miners, bartenders, butchers and scribes. You can choose which combination of the three you get yourself, or leave it on the guild map, giving each player a specific choice of directions.Review of the board game Kutna Hora: City of Silver Kutna Hora City of Silver 1

Once you’ve made your choice, you’re only interested in certain guild buildings because competing buildings won’t give you anything significant. However, you don’t just build your structures as you play. There are also general wealth structures that don’t directly increase, but if you build them correctly, you can expect to improve the functioning of your structures, which is nice. The overall expansion of a city in this game is tied to the economy, which is a dynamic factor that evolves as the city expands, the population grows, and new mines open.

This concept is really cool in this piece. Thanks to this, a person can better put himself in the shoes of a city dweller faced with various problems. For example, the price of ore falls over time, but the price of silver itself rises. In the same way, for example, requirements for the purchase of raw materials are growing. In short, as the city grows, things change and you’ll have to adapt your strategy accordingly. As you build a city, you try to obtain patents for certain buildings, but that’s not all.Review of the board game Kutna Hora: City of Silver Kutna Hora City of Silver 4

Of course, it is also important to buy land with various factors associated with it. In the beginning, for example, construction costs you a certain amount of money, but as soon as the first building is built, the price is already different and the terms of implementation also change, because you cannot set the bar where you want, but it is necessary. glue it to the already built one. In the moment, you’ll have to think a lot about where you throw, because in the long run, a mistake could cost you money, victory points, and, theoretically, the victory itself. Kutna Hora: The Silver City is relatively treacherous in this regard, but I myself welcome it, because sometimes some difficulties can simply blow your mind.

As you play, you receive money that can be used to buy raw materials, buildings, or a seat on the council. Yes, Kutná Hora has its own town hall that needs to be filled. Ideally, the right people, because only real heartthrobs can vote for what suits your plans. However, at this stage you will have to think carefully again, because the elected board member votes several times across the board, so not only you, but also your competitors will receive this benefit. But this game is not only about city building. To implement your plans, you need money, and you earn it, first of all, by digging the ground.Review of the board game Kutna Hora: City of Silver Kutna Hora City of Silver 6

More precisely, you build mines through which you try to penetrate as deeply as possible, where points that need to be mined await your pest. The digging itself is designed in an interesting way, the conditions are clearly stated in it, so it definitely won’t be possible to lay tunnels the way you want. Expansion of mines is very important for success. What’s interesting, without a doubt, is that all the action here is related to the cards that you draw during the round over three turns, when in total you lay out five out of six, despite the fact that each of them has two sides, so there is always a choice . Victory is then tied to getting as many points as possible across the sectors.Review of the board game Kutna Hora: City of Silver Kutna Hora City of Silver 3

An excursion into history through the game Kutná Hora: City of Silver has its own undeniable charm

Some games have their own charm that immediately grabs your attention. Kutna Hora: City of Silver belongs to this category. Its creators managed to choose an interesting historical period, after which everything was decently optimized, resulting in the player being presented with an interesting board game that gives an idea of ​​how a medieval city might have functioned during its heyday. I really like the design of the components as well as the range of buildings. But this will require an insert, which is completely lacking here.

If you like the Middle Ages or just love strategy games, Kutná Hora: The City of Silver is a good choice. Interestingly, even less experienced players can dive into it, which I consider a big plus, at least for myself. I definitely didn’t expect the availability to be so high. Therefore, I recommend it for myself.

We thank the Czech distributor Mindok for providing us with a copy of the book “Kutná Hora: City of Silver”.

Source :Indian TV

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