Major leak from Epic reveals the existence of several unannounced games

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The Epic Games Store has suffered from a data leak about unannounced games. The information was provided by the recently launched EpicDB website, which was able to look into the store’s database, following the example of the famous SteamDB portal. What follows will be data from maps that have not yet been made public. revealed the existence of several names, which should be released on PC in the near future. Even a relatively quick security patch from Epic did not change anything about the leak.

Among individual games, for example, references to a long-speculative PC version of a previous PlayStation exclusive appeared in the database. The Last of Us Part 2, the announcement of which, according to the latest data, is just around the corner. Other games deserve attention. remake of Final Fantasy IX And new turk, which Saber Interactive is supposed to be working on. The database also includes the already officially confirmed version of Final Fantasy XVI for PC or the Helldivers 2 event, which is currently only available on Steam for PC.

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Other titles are “hidden” under job titles, so they cannot be confidently attributed to a specific brand. For example, we are talking about a project called Semla, which, according to some users, could be Red Dead Redemptionwhose PC version has also been discussed for a long time.


Source : Zing

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