Life is Strange: Double Exposure reveals details and gameplay

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After the announcement at the Xbox Games Showcase, the developers from the studio brought Deck nine details about the continuation of the series Life is Strange With subtitles Double exposure. The special stream featured performances from game director Jonathan Stauder, screenwriter Felice Quan, and Hannah Telle, a spokesperson for returning protagonist Max. In addition, the authors showed continuous gameplay from the very beginning of the game.

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The mentioned heroine of the first part returns to the main role. Max Cofield. After graduating from college, she finds refuge at the university, where her friend Safi’s mother has arranged a job for her. It is Safi who becomes the fateful character of the story when she dies unexpectedly and under mysterious circumstances. Max discovers her new or old ability after stopping herself from using time distortion.

Together with Max, we visit two different realities, in one of which Safi died, and in the other she lives. We will try to solve and prevent the murder at the same time. The developers showed the ability to look into the second timeline and switch between them in the designated places. Traveling between realities is supposed to help us solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, or find clues during investigations. The classic detective story quickly becomes a question of how it is possible that a murder occurred. In addition, the killer will soon strike again – in both realities.

The developers decided to respect both endings of the first part, neither of which is canonical. At the beginning of the game, Max will have a dialogue with Safi, in which he will answer some questions about his stay in Arcadia Bay. The decisions made at this stage will be reflected in the game.

The twenty-minute gameplay demo focuses on the moments before Safi’s death and the murder itself. In addition to the predominant decision videos, we see classic low-level adventure elements in the style of previous Life is Strange games.

Life is Strange: Double Exposure is out 29th of October on PC, Xbox series And PlayStation 5. Later he also goes to Nintendo Switch.

Source :Indian TV

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