The main characters of Resident Evil 9 were supposed to be Leon and Jill, co-op was considered

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Another leak about Resident Evil 9? Whenever a new installment in the series approaches, there is a lot of speculation. This is often completely obvious nonsense, and Dusk Golem was practically the only reliable insider regarding Capcom games, but even he changed information about RE9 several times. But little did we know that there was a source of information on the scene who may have even more accurate and up-to-date information. His name is Andy and he runs the ScreenFire Germany YouTube channel, so the German language content is probably the only reason his message didn’t reach the world sooner.

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If you were to watch the video again, you would find that it has very accurate information about the RE0 and Code Veronica remakes, which was recently confirmed by Dusk Golem and then by VGC and IGN magazines. But Andy talked about both games long before that, mentioning the same development time and studios working on the games. His information on Twitter was summarized by an RE fan known on Twitter as Agonycrossbow.

Thanks to this, we know that Andy has information about much more than just these two remakes. He was the first to debunk the remake of the first game, which was also confirmed by Dusk Golem, and according to him, a remake of the fifth game was in development for some time, but Capcom should have postponed it. Apparently, to somehow resolve the controversy surrounding racism in the original game. A remake of RE6 was also reportedly in development, but the project did not generate any interest among developers.

Either way, he has the most information about Resident Evil 9. Andy states that RE9 will not be completely open world as discussed earlier, but should only have open world elements like Village or the RE4 remake did. . The main characters should be Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. It is also said that the two main characters are present here because the original concept of the game was intended to be cooperative (like RE5 or RE6). However, Andy claims that co-op may have already been removed from the game, mainly due to the positive reaction of players to the purely single-player games RE7 and RE8. After all, the extremely long development time also suggests a major reworking of the concept; the project has apparently been around since 2018.

Removing co-op would even put Jill at risk, who could also be cut from the game. Ultimately she was going to stay in the game, but it’s unclear how that will work out gameplay-wise, whether we’ll have two campaigns or whether we’ll switch between heroes. Also, the supporting characters aren’t revealed yet, but Andy states that the story shouldn’t involve the Blue Umbrella and probably not even a BSAA plot twist from The Village. This isn’t the first time Capcom hasn’t followed up on an open ending. Andy further states that RE9 will most likely be a third-person game with a first-person mode added later.

Dusk Golem and Andy’s information about the announcement date differs. While Dusk Golem changed its position several times, the game was ultimately delayed and did not appear on SGF (and as far as we know, this did not happen), Andy stood his ground until the last minute. In any case, he apologized for the inaccuracy and, according to him, the announcement is not far off. There is a small chance at Gamescom, but, according to him, an announcement at the Tokyo Game Show in September, which Capcom regularly attends, is much more likely. So let’s see if we can do it this time.

Source :Indian TV

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