Jurassic Park: Survival to show previously unseen parts of Isla Nublar – INDIAN

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If you were intrigued by the announcement of a single-player project during last year’s The Game Awards Jurassic Park: Survival from Saber Interactive, you probably expected us to see the game at one of the presentations that were supposed to compensate for the cancellation of the traditional E3 exhibition in the last few days. After all, she was nowhere to be found. thanks to the IGN server, but still here we have some new information.

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Jurassic Park: Survival seems to have been able to fulfill the wish of fans who sometimes felt like we were actually in the original film. Jurassic Park since 1993, which the game is based on, they have only seen a tiny part of Isla Nublar, that is, Isla Nublar. Iconic sites such as the visitor center and the Tyrannosaurus rex enclosure are not to be missed this time either. during the game we will see what they look like right after the end of the filmbut the developers intend to show us previously unseen parts of the island.

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Source :Indian TV

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