Stormgate Introduces a Third Faction Reminiscent of the Protoss from StarCraft – INDIAN

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After half a year, the real-time strategy is recalled Stormgatewhich is called the successor to the legendary Star Craft. This is mainly due to the fact that the game is being worked on by former Blizzard employees who have run out of patience with Activision.

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Stormgate development selected on Kickstarter over 2.8 million US dollars. This gave the authors confidence and calmness in bringing a full-fledged real time battlesstory campaign, co-op, one-on-one matches and a full-fledged editor.

Previously, we could get acquainted with the two sides of the conflict: Vanguard And Hell’s master. The first resembled the Terran people, and the second resembled the insectoid alien Zergu. Today he gets into the faction Celestialswhich, as expected, resembles the Protoss, the third faction from StarCraft.

The developers want Stormgate to be a comprehensive real-time strategy game for both veterans and newcomers.. For this reason, it will feature a Quick Macro Panel (QMP) that will provide players with all the steps needed to create and manage armies. Automated control groups will also come in handy to make army management easier.

I’ll just add this Stormgate will be free to playalthough early access will be paid.

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Source :Indian TV

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