Claire Obscurus: The 33rd Expedition is full of art and death – INDIAN

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Action Presentation of Xbox games she really brought a lot, but in between everything a little appeared Claire Obscurus: Expedition 33 from the developers of Sandfall Interactive. It will be a story-driven adventure game that not only combines elements of classic turn-based combat, but also brings an interesting surreal perspective to the surroundings. He is greatly inspired by the Belle Époque period, that is, the wonderful time between 1890 and 1914 in France.

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The story itself is a little strange. This pompous world threatens the Artist. She wakes up year after year to rewrite the number on her monolith. It gradually decreases for everyone whose age corresponds to the number on the monolith, so they will die. Ruthless. The 33rd expedition will try to prevent this, since the next number will be 33. They have only one year left to live, and together with Gustavo, Mael and their colleagues from the expedition, you are going a desperate quest, the goal of which is to break the vicious circle of the Artist’s death. You will follow in the footsteps of previous expeditions and gradually reveal their fate.

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