Football Manager acquired the license of the most famous football league – INDIAN

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Sports Interactive and Sega are celebrating, and fans are celebrating with them. They managed to obtain a license from the most famous football league in the world. If you’re just starting to wonder if it’s English Premier Leagueor the Spanish La Liga, so the correct answer is the first option.

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The four-year Premier League licensing agreement will come into effect from the 2024/25 season. This will happen in all upcoming games. Football manager All 20 Premier League clubs will be featured, including logos, kits and players.

“We’ve always wanted to work with the Premier League since the early days of Football Manager and we’re delighted to finally be able to do it.” commented on the success of Miles Jacobson, director of the Sports Interactive studio.

“This partnership is not only about the huge benefits it will bring to our fans at the game, but also the opportunities it gives us to help with the incredible things the Premier League and its clubs do off the pitch. This includes community and charity work, which are two things we are very interested in, as well as the opportunity to work with some of their existing partners.” he added.

More details about the Premier League integration into Football Manager will be revealed at a later date.

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Source :Indian TV

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