The future of Xbox will be great, says Phil Spencer and wants a portable computer with native games – INDIAN

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The amount of speculation surrounding the Xbox portable has raised expectations. It’s understandable that some are disappointed that this announcement wasn’t made at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, where Sarah Bond spoke at the end. As President of Xbox confirmed hard work on next generation consoles.

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Her short words were echoed by Phil Spencer. In an interview with the American IGN, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division dwelt a bit on the hardware. He stated that they have a great future in this area, in different formats and variations of the game. But he did not go into details. He explained that at the Xbox Games Showcase they talked about games and someday later there will be an opportunity to talk about platforms in more detail. He himself is waiting for this.

Xbox is known for being where its users are. So it makes sense to get a piece of the portable gaming pie, where the Nintendo Switch reigns supreme in the company of the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. When an IGN editor asked Spencer about the portable device, he received this response:

“I also think we need a pocket console” – he said, but immediately warned that his words should not be taken as a confirmation/announcement. Sarah Bond should do it. At least he commented on what he thought a laptop computer should be able to do. launch games initially and don’t rely on the cloud.

In the next part of the interview, Spencer praised the work they did on the computers. On PC they have made great progress and this platform is now a huge asset for them. “We’re thrilled to have so many PC users, more than ever before,” Spencer stated.

“If you’re trying to look at the industry through the lens of ‘who sold the most consoles’ as the only way to improve games, I’d say: Xbox is trying to do something different he added in a postscript that there are now more users on Xbox consoles than at any time in the platform’s history. According to him, this is thanks to Game Pass.

He also believes that the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 answered the question of what benefits gaming on Xbox, Xbox console and PC brings. If you didn’t know, these are interesting games, the ability to play them on consoles and PC, and also a Game Pass subscription. And it won’t change anything releasing more games on competing consoles. In the interview, Spencer mentioned other platforms:

“You’ll see more of our games on more platforms. We see this as an advantage for the series we are creating.” Spencer said, without naming the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. There are currently four games released on other consoles: Sea of ​​Thieves, Pentiment, Grounded and Hi-Fi Rush. At the Xbox Games Showcase, it was confirmed that DOOM: The Dark Ages will be released on PS5, as well as PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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