Monopoly should be more fun in a 3D animated city – INDIA

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Ubisoft releases a new game Monopoly. The internationally popular board game is coming to PC after the summer holidays with a new version that boasts a new look and improved gameplay.

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“Buy, sell, trade real estate and expand your empire in this faithful adaptation of the game we all grew up playing! Immerse yourself in the center of the playing field and explore a beautiful, fully animated 3D city.” lures Ubisoft.

After the board it will be possible moveexplore the city perhaps tail your opponent before his next move. “Admire the city as it changes from sunny mornings to stormy nights” adds the publisher, saying it can be played in the living room up to six players, you can also participate in online matches and compete with other tycoons from all over the world. Interestingly, Ubisoft mentions cross-play, but Monopoly announced it in September of this year only for PC via Ubisoft Connect.

If you want to play now, you can find Monopoly Plus on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Monopoly on Switch, and previously My Monopoly and Monopoly DEAL were also released on consoles.

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Source :Indian TV

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