The Division 2 is heading into its sixth year of support, and For Honor is getting a new season – INDIAN

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Ubisoft continues to care about Division 2. Fans of the game can look forward to a sixth year of support. The new trailer introduces it enticingly. We’ll find out his name The first robber. A short video shows the new modes, weapons, events and rewards.

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All The Division 2 players will be able to get their characters up to level 40, without owning Warlords of New York. Once you reach level 40, all end-game content will become available.

If you haven’t played The Division 2 yet or want to return, the game will take place from June 13th to 17th. free to play on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles of the last two generations. We’ll know more this afternoon.

What will happen next? Late last year it was announced that The third division is still a long way off. Swedish studio Massive Entertainment has just begun to assemble a new team that will be responsible for the new era of The Division. Meanwhile they are finishing Star Wars Outlaws.

We also previously announced news for For the honor. “The Medieval Lumberjack” will receive a second season for its eighth year on June 13. Each of these four seasons focuses on one specific faction or a special weapon from each faction. When Muramasa Blade This is Master Katashi’s katana. New rewards and other content are also waiting for you.

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