Alan Wake 2: Night Springs doesn’t skimp on the madness, DLC releases today and the game finally gets physical – INDIAN

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Finnish studio Remedy has been posting whimsical images on social media for the past few days that serve as the first teasers for Night Springs, the first paid DLC for last year’s Survival Horror. Alan Wake 2. She even recently renamed herself Poison Pill Entertainment. The highlight of these attractions, as expected, was the opening of the Summer Game Fest, during which a full presentation of the new addition took place.

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As we already know earlier, in the Night Springs DLC we take on the roles of several famous characters from the world of the Alan Wake series. In their place, we get to relive the events of several stand-alone episodes of the fictional – and rather stupid – series Night Springs, which has appeared in Remedy games since the release of the first episode in 2010. Specifically, there will be three “what if”-based episodes, which, judging by Rose Marigold, most of the time in the new trailer goes to Sheriff Tim Breaker and Jesse Faden, the main character of Control. Of course, Alan Wake himself or the creative director of Poison Pi… Remedy Entertainment also cannot but be present. Sam Lakewhich this time depicted itself in the game engine.

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