Fantasy MMORPG New World wants to find a second wind thanks to New World Aeternum – INDIAN

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Fantasy MMORPG. New world was very popular at the time of launch, but the bubble gradually burst. Since then, Amazon Games has struggled to get the game back into the hands of players and convince them to keep playing. Launching didn’t help much either. Paid add-on for Rise of the Angry Earth with a lot of changes and content. The New World can find a second wind thanks to New World Eternum for PC and current generation consoles.

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New World: Aeternum is the de facto new New World. It will offer content from the base game Rise of the Angry Earth, as well as a ton of new content for existing players, including a huge PvP arena, a new challenging 10-player raid, solo endgame challenges, new archetypes for your characters, a reworked dialogue system, and a new mechanics of development.

The action RPG can be played either solo or in co-op mode with support. cross play. Everything happens in a mysterious Eternum Islandwhere you play the role of a castaway and receive a task create your own destiny. There will be collection of raw materials, construction of bases, brewing potions, gradual improvements, etc.

New World: Aeternum will be released on October 15, 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Existing players should receive New World Aeternum as an upgrade.

New World was released in 2021 on PC. You’ll have to buy the game, but unlike World of Warcraft, you don’t pay a subscription to play.

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