Astro Bot remembered Bloodborne. Big platformer revealed the prize – INDIAN

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New pre-orders have started on the PlayStation Store. Exclusive Astrobot for PS5. An action-platformer with a variety of content, aimed at both children and older people, will be sold at a higher price.

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Pre-order for the standard version costs 1649 CZK (69.99 EUR), and for the digital Deluxe version it costs 1899 CZK (79.99 EUR). It also includes the Yharnam Hunter and gold costume for Astra, Neon Dream and gold Champions colors for the Dual Speeder (a glider shaped like a DualSense controller), 10 PSN avatars, and a digital soundtrack and artwork. Game progress is required to unlock Astra costumes and Dual Speeder colors.

Yes, an observant person will notice what Yharnam Hunter means Bloody. Sony remembers the action-RPG from FromSoftware. So maybe one day we’ll see something new…

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Source :Indian TV

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