Cyborg is a brutal action game where you become a killing machine – INDIAN

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The creators of Remedium from the Sobaka studio presented a brutal fighting game at Guerrilla Collective Cyborgin which you become a killing machine against hundreds of bloodthirsty mutants, drug-addicted criminals and mechanized soldiers.

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The game is happening on the prison planet Sigma, serving as a haven for the most dangerous criminals from all known star systems. Due to an insidious alien life form, a quarantine has been declared in the prison. For this reason, always in the game The clock is ticking.

Each mission you complete costs you one day, regardless of its outcome, and hits you roughly every week. new disaster. You need to plan your actions carefully and balance the risks and rewards. With every decision you make, every victory and every defeat, history moves forward. There is no “game over” screen waiting for you or a saved position to load. Here you will have to learn to live with the consequences of your actions..

Missions are mostly procedurally generated. You never know what enemies and challenges you will face. With dozens of enemy types, hundreds of combat modifiers, and multiple non-combat encounters, no mission will be the same.

Cyborg has only been announced for PC so far. You’ll be able to experience Morgan Lee’s ultimate killing machine when it releases in August. demo version.

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Source :Indian TV

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