Epic is offering the AAA game for free

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The digital store Epic Games Store has changed its offer in the field of free games exactly one week later. Last week you were able to add the multiplayer action game Chivalry 2 from the workshops of the Canadian studio Torn Banner to your library. It is now being replaced by another acclaimed title in the form of the excellent-rated thriller Marvel’s Midnight Suns. You can play the game activate for free until June 13 (17:00).

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It is a turn-based strategy game released in December 2022 by Firaxis in collaboration with 2K Games. A game built on card and role-playing mechanics, which complements the thoughtful plot with dialogue. For more information, check out our review, which gave Marvel’s Midnight Suns a 9/10 rating and the following verdict:

“If you are a Marvel fan, feel free to add another point to your rating. It’s an absurdly complex game, the sophistication of its multi-layered game mechanics matched only by the extraordinary care and imagination of the writers, who often brought the characters to life better than the comics or movies. Huge respect to the creators for having the courage to mix up such a genre combination and great joy at how fun and exciting the result is.”

Source : Zing

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