New tasks in the world of Harry Potter? ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ to Get Director’s Cut – INDIAN

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Summer update for Hogwarts Legacy rather disappointed the players. As it turns out, this may not be the only new content for the game. They say it was created Director’s Cut of Hogwarts Legacy.

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The new version of Hogwarts Legacy makes sense. Action RPG from the world of Harry Potter sold more than 24 million pieces and it’s the best-selling game of last year. Unfortunately, we don’t know what it should contain. If Warner Bros. will adhere to standards so may include new content/modes and improvements to the base game.

After the successful release of Hogwarts Legacy, we heard that the developers from the Avalanche Software studio had to miss a lot of scheduled contentto end the game. It is possible that due to their enormous success they received from Warner Bros. a chance to get back to him. If this is indeed the case, we can expect that existing players will be able to upgrade to the Director’s Cut for a fee.

Meanwhile, a full-fledged sequel is in development at Avalanche Software, and elsewhere the free-to-play game Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions focuses on the popular Quidditch game.

They must help with a mysterious new version of Hogwarts Legacy. Rocksteady Studios after the live event didn’t work out for them Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. About this Warner Bros. was expected to earn $200 million.

This is all according to a Bloomberg report. She said he should have visited Rocksteady himself a few weeks after the release of Suicide Squad: Justice League in February. David Haddad. Head of Warner Bros. Games should have announced to employees that its plan is a collaboration between all studios, i.e. TT Games, NetherRealm Studios, Monolith Productions, Warner Bros. Games Montréal, Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Boston Games. Employees still had to be assured that no layoffs were imminent.

Instead, more Rocksteady employees are expected to be involved in the director’s cut of Hogwarts Legacy, with the rest said to be focused on new single player title. It must be approved by Warner Bros. management in the foreseeable future. Games. This is what the creators of the Batman: Arkham series want back to basics.

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