LEGO Horizon Adventures to be released simultaneously by Sony on PS5 and PC – INDIA

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The unconventional concept of a post-apocalyptic world has been talked about for quite some time. Horizon Series, which we know about thanks to the fearless heroine Aloy. This time we take a look at an environment that is being reclaimed by nature and inhabited by dinosaur-like machines in LEGO form.

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It is reported that the game will be called LEGO Horizon Adventure. According to the famous Billbil-kun, it will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment itself. on PlayStation 5 and PC simultaneously. He describes the game as an action-adventure game that can be played alone or with friends. It shouldn’t be missing cross playso that all players can play together.

According to Billbil-kun, Sony is offering a new standard and a digital Deluxe edition. The PC version should require PlayStation Network Accountand God of War: Ragnarok.

We’ll find out the details tomorrow evening, as the announcement is scheduled for Summer Games Festival. Pre-orders are supposed to start immediately after launch and the game should have in-game purchases, but it doesn’t appear to be a pure multiplayer game.

If everything turns out to be true, this will be the first completely new story-based game from Sony to be released simultaneously on PS5 and PC. He was the first to be announced remake of “Until Dawn”. According to earlier statements by representatives of the Japanese company, online games were to be released simultaneously on PlayStation consoles and computers. Will anything change?

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Source :Indian TV

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