Dragon Age changes name, gameplay will be shown on Wednesday

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Upcoming sequel to the fantasy series age of dragons from Bioware changes subtitles. Current last name dire wolf I’ll change the name Guardian of the Veil, which, according to the developers, should better describe the content of the game. We’ll also be seeing a gameplay demo soon.

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“The original title didn’t reflect how much we cared about the new heroes, their stories, and the need to unite them to save all of Thedas,” the authors write.

“Each of the seven unique characters who become your companions will have a deep and fascinating story, and your choices will affect your relationship with them, as well as their lives. Of course, the Dread Wolf still plays an important role in the story, but the core of the new experience is you and your comrades, not your enemies,” they explain.

We’ll see you soon too gameplay demo. It will appear on the Dragon Age YouTube channel on Wednesday, June 12th at 4am ET. This will be over 15 minutes of footage from the start of the game.

According to assumptions, news from BioWare may appear as early as this year. Sight on PC, Xbox series And PS5.

Source :Indian TV

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