BioWare is renaming Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and we’re once again wondering what it does with all the spawns – INDIAN

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Activities of BioWare studio in connection with the continuation of the fantastic saga Dragon Age has long been causing considerable embarrassment. At least once there should have been a complete restart of development and a reworking of the concept of the game; the creators have long been officially scattering only tiny fragments of information or visual materials, and the gameplay footage that leaked last year reminded us of everything, but not Dragon Age. Then there is the simple fact that this fall will mark 10 years since the release of the previous volume with the subtitle “Inquisition”. And now comes another step that makes us wonder if BioWare’s current thin lineup knows what it’s doing. The unexpected happened decision to change the name of the game.

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Internally, the developers used the working name Morrison for a while, and almost to the same day, exactly two years ago, it was announced that the fourth installment would eventually be called Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. But now this name is being replaced perhaps a truly definitive name Dragon Age: Guardian of the Veil.

CEO of BioWare Gary Mackay confirmed in a new blog post that the studio had experimented with the concept of multiplayer in the past before deciding to focus on a more traditional single-player adventure with an emphasis on player choice, characters and world-building. The current subtitle The Veilguard relates better to the player character and his seven companions than Dreadwolf., which more than anything else are at the heart of the game. Even more so than Solas, the companion known from Dragon Age: Inquisition and a powerful elven mage with an even more powerful blade, mentioned in the previous subtitle “Dread Wolf”.

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