YouTube Playables offers more than 75 games, and Steam is preparing short videos – INDIAN

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Has the race begun to create a platform for everything? Elon Musk is remaking the social network Twitter on X, which is supposed to be an app for everything in the future, TikTok introduced games last year, and now YouTube is bringing the same feature.

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Google launched last night in some countries YouTube games. The dedicated section features over 75 games that can be played in a web browser or on the YouTube mobile app for Android and iOS. These are simple games designed for fun, such as Showdown Angry Birds, Words of miracles, Cut the rope, Tomb of the Mask whose Tivia Crack. Games can be shared with friends and track your best results.

If you see a blank white page instead of YouTube Playables, it’s because Google is slowly rolling out a new feature. We are not in the first wave. The corporation tells us that it will expand availability to other users in the coming months.

This team Steam working on a feature that will allow you to download short gameplay videos through the platform. Pavel Dzhundik, creator of SteamDB, spoke about this. They claim that the clips are designed to support background recording and include timeline markers for various events in supported games. Clips and screenshots can be shared through the Steam community.

Jundik tweeted images showing how uploading clips to Steam should work. This is how Valve wants players make it easy to create and share videos. There is no longer a need to use external editing applications.

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Source :Indian TV

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