The release of the PlayStation 5 Pro was supposed to be delayed. Waiting for games to use her performance – INDIAN

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Where is the announcement of a more powerful version of the PlayStation 5 console? We have been hearing about the so-called Pro model for a long time from various unofficial sources, but not directly from Sony. This may be due to a delay due to games that will use its characteristics.

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Moore’s Law Is Dead expressed this sentiment on the Broken Silicon podcast. According to his behind-the-scenes information, the chips were intended for PS5 Pro prepared last year and the console could be released in the fall. But Sony doesn’t have any suitable games for the new console. There were none last year, or even in the first half of this year. A hardware-oriented person believes that in a Japanese company I’m waiting for Grand Theft Auto VI. The gangster action game from Rockstar Games is perhaps the most anticipated game of all time and will be released in the fall of 2025 only on current generation consoles. It initially appeared to be scheduled for release in the early months of 2025.

We can say that Sony itself is to blame for this expectation, because it does not have its own worthy games. We will have to wait until at least the next financial year for the sequel to the famous PlayStation series. It starts on April 1, 2025. For this reason, Sony has no reason to rush, and the PlayStation 5 Pro could be released this fall. If this happens, the announcement should take place around September. Given the anticipation for the games, Sony could delay the release even further. What do you think?

What to expect from PS5 Pro? Many sources agree that Sony will focus on a more stable 40fps mode, which will make games look better thanks to a 45% more powerful graphics chip. This will also be aided by a slightly improved processor and technology. PlayStation Super Spectral Resolution in DLSS style from Nvidia. This will provide better gaming performance at higher resolutions and with ray tracing enabled.

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