A huge team is working on the new Witcher. CD Projekt wants to release more games – INDIA

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During the financial report, CD Projekt RED updated the number of team members involved in individual projects. Thanks to this we learned that development Cyberpunk 2077 officially over and now the team is focused on Orion, a sequel to the sci-fi RPG. Although thanks to Cyberpunk 2077, the Polish company did well in the last quarter (from January 1 to March 31, 2024) and recorded a year-on-year profit growth of 30% and revenue of more than 226,785,000 zlotys (more than 53 million US dollars). Euro).

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The extension is also responsible for these results. Phantom Freedom for Cyberpunk 2077 and Immortal The Witchers 3. But he is now important to CD Projekt RED. new Witcher series. A huge team is working on the first part of the new trilogy. At the end of April this year, it employed 407 people out of 630 people (more than 64 percent). For example: only 56 people are currently working on the continuation of Cyberpunk in a new studio in Boston, USA, 39 on the Sirius project, 20 on the Hadar project and 13 on other projects.

The number of people working on the new Cyberpunk will gradually increase. The project is at a very early stage and a large team at this stage is a big challenge. Gabe Amatangelo (Cyberpunk 2077 director), Igor Sarzynski (script director), and Sarah Grummer (mission expert) are working on it from concept to pre-production.

Sirius is a spin-off of The Witcher, designed to attract more players to the fantasy world. But the game had problems in development, and The Molasses Flood studio even had to resume work. Hadar it’s a mysterious new brand. Then there’s more remake of the first Witcher from the Polish studio Fool’s Theory, which recently created the story-driven role-playing game The Thaumaturge.

In the case of the new Witcher, everything goes according to plan. Full production should begin in the second half so we can play the game in two years at the earliest. The creators don’t just want a disguised third part. The new Witcher is designed to push boundaries and explore completely new areas. We must expect new game elements and new mechanics, as well as Cyberpunk 2077. Judging by the job postings, CD Projekt RED wants to push the boundaries of storytelling. Of course, no one wants to go into details.

In addition, CD Projekt RED confirmed its intention to investors. release games more often. The company wants to release games more regularly. Switching to Unreal engine 5 from Epic Games (it is already creating a new Witcher, a remake and a continuation of Cyberpunk) and the expansion of individual teams. They can already work on several projects at the same time. They tried this with the Phantom Libera. However, CEO Michal Nowakowski did not want to comment on the time period between individual projects.

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