Xbox is funding a new single-player game from the creators of the Batman: Arkham series – INDIAN

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IN Xbox Game Studios were supposed to sign a contract with a British independent studio Hundred Star Gameswhich they founded Sefton Hill And Jamie Walkerformer co-founders Rocksteady Studios, where the Batman: Arkham series originated. Both left Rocksteady long before the release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which surprised many.

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The Exputer server claims this. We learned about Hill and Walker’s new studio earlier this year. We know that a couple from London are working on a AAA (big budget) action-adventure game for one player.

The studio was founded in 2022 and, according to the official website, has determined approximately one hundred employees – more than 20 of them previously worked at Rocksteady. The rest are other veterans and up-and-coming talents. The team recruits additional reinforcements and uses them during development. Unreal engine 5.

Apparently, Xbox is funding the development. Taking this into account, the first project from Hundred Star Games should at least become exclusive to the Microsoft ecosystem, that is, release on PC and Xbox Series X/S. He should too coming to Game Pass.

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Source :Indian TV

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