Two Czech games released on Steam

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On Wednesday we brought news about the release of the game Playing Kafka from the workshops of the Charles Games studio in Prague. However, this is not the only Czech publication published recently. Just this week, two more games were released on PC. Firstly, this is a logical decision. Cubicon 3Dinspired by games such as Tetris, Arkanoid or Sokoban.

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In terms of gameplay, you will find various riddles and logic puzzles. He’s behind the game developer Petr Kubicek, which most recently gained attention with the release of the dark action adventure 1428: Shadows over Silesia. Kubikon 3D is available on Steam for 9 euros.

The second recently released domestic game is called Coffee Caravan. Here comes the manager of a mobile cafe, who relies on bagel mechanics and procedurally generated quests. Prim primarily focuses on making the coffee itself, serving individual customers, developing experimental recipes, and managing the entire mobile business. Coffee Caravan from independent studio Broccoli Games is also available on Steam for less than 10 euros.

Source :Indian TV

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