New game from the creators of The Last of Us and Uncharted will change the perception of the gaming industry – INDIAN

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Sony is letting its fans suffer. We’re still waiting for details on what they’re working on in Playful puppy. Studio Head and Creative Director The Last of Us Series He mentioned the new project in a new interview on the occasion of a presentation dedicated to shareholders.

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Neil Druckmann he’s very excited about the new game he’s working on. This is probably its most interesting name, which could change the general perception of the gaming industry. They think so, considering how they managed to bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers with The Last of Us series.

“The success of the series brought attention to the games and showed a wider audience just how rich and immersive the experience they offer” Druckmann said. “This exposure to a mass audience excites me not only because of our current project, but also because of the gaming industry’s vast potential to reach audiences around the world. I can’t wait to see how this translates to our new game, especially after the success of The Last of Us.”

That’s all about the new game. We still don’t know what it is. Some are hoping for a third part of The Last of Us, others want a resurrection unknown while others will appreciate a completely new brand. In previous interviews, Druckmann has praised the greater creative freedom Naughty Dog has been given by Sony, which isn’t taken for granted.

“The great thing about working at Naughty Dog is that no one forces us to do anything. The thing is, we’d probably like another The Last of Us, but if you’re passionate about something else, we’ll support that. This is a very privileged position. And I don’t take it for granted.” Druckmann said in February of this year.

In any case, The Last of Us will continue with at least an HBO series. The second series is expected on the Max platform in 2025.

Druckmann talked about a lot in this interview artificial intelligence. According to him, this will bring about a revolution in content creation as AI will gradually allow even non-technical people to use their imagination and create worlds and stories according to their imagination. In the case of Naughty Dog, artificial intelligence is designed to push the boundaries of gaming storytelling.

“Using technologies like artificial intelligence and motion capture from home, we’re reducing costs and technical barriers, allowing us to take on bolder projects and push the boundaries of storytelling in games.” Druckmann said.

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Source :Indian TV

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