The sand apocalypse has arrived in Fortnite. Wrecked Season Celebrated by Fallout and Mad Max – INDIAN

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Fortnite The third season of the fifth chapter begins. His name is Broken and brings a sand apocalypse in the style of Fallout and Mad Max to the Battle Royale shooter.

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In the south of the island you will find a new wasteland-like biome with new attractions. The sand gang has captured this territory and is waiting for a challenger. T will also take part in the battles-60 Power Armor from Fallout and more Wasteland Magneto Outfit. Purchasing the Battle Pass unlocks a costume called the Machinist.

Of course they are here too new weapons and items, including Nitro Splash and Nitro Barrels. The first is a portable container that you can throw to supply your car or yourself with nitro, while nitro barrels are powerful explosives that you can throw at someone. Nitro naturally increases the speed of cars, and also allows you to punch through buildings, run longer, avoid getting hurt when falling, or reload your weapons faster.

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Source :Indian TV

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