New missions and improvements for Rise of the Ronin – INDIAN

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It’s time to remind Rise of the Ronin. Two months after releasing the PlayStation 5 exclusive, Team Ninja is announcing a major update that improves and enriches the action-adventure title.

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The update came out yesterday. In addition to the fixes, it gives players who have completed the campaign a reason to come back. It adds 5 new alliance missions, level synchronization when using Covenant of the Soul, and two new bonuses to Midnight difficulty sets.

In addition, improvements have been made to the gameplay to make fighting enemies more fun. Players particularly praise the easier style changes, expanded combat options, and weapon customization including the katana, bayonet, and saber.

The update also adds Path of Chaos. Path of Chaos means that there will be different enemies every time you play. This is how the authors of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden present Rise of the Ronin dynamic mode, which changes the location of enemies. However, it is currently unclear how exactly this will work.

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