Award-winning System Shock remake available on consoles

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Last May, Nightdive studio released the long-awaited remake of the first System Shock, the development of which was contributed by players through crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform. A game especially appreciated by those who saw the 1994 original.. New players had to deal with a higher difficulty, which was still the case when the original game was released. Despite this, the game has an excellent rating of 91% on Steam.

Until now there was a remake of System Shock only available on PC, but now the situation is changing. After a year of waiting, the developers have also brought the game to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, where it is currently available for 40 euros. You can see the newly released launch trailer above in the preview. You can find more information about the game itself in our review of the PC version, in which System Shock Remake received an 8/10 rating and the following verdict:

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“Connoisseurs can add a point to their rating without hesitation, this reincarnation of their favorite game will give them exactly what they want. For new players, the unforgiving classic design may seem a little brutal, but the superbly modernized atmosphere and superbly immersive action will more than make up for it for anyone with the patience.”

Source :Indian TV

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