Helldivers 2 updates will not be released as often – INDIAN

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Helldivers 2 they’ve had amazing months. The cooperative shooter has attracted the interest of players who enjoy fighting for democracy. They’ve been keeping Arrowhead busy lately, working on one update after another to fix bugs and issues, as well as add new content.

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The first months after release were hectic. Developers will now slow down and release updates less frequently. Lower frequency should benefit them, the players and the game,” says community manager Twinbeard on Discord.

More time will allow Arrowhead more attention to each patch, identifying any errors and adding new content. Some of the past changes weren’t quite as expected, and the team may have gone too far.

This is not a single change. Arrowhead Game Studios has a new CEO. Johan Pilestedt is leaving this position to focus on his responsibilities as Creative Director. His place will be taken by Shams Jorjani, who headed Paradox Interactive and Hooded Horse. Pilestedt will remain on the studio’s board of directors and lead development.

Helldivers 2 is the fastest-selling PlayStation game in history, selling 12 million copies on PS5 and PC.

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Source :Indian TV

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