The lure of a new Call of Duty has begun. American presidents are blindfolded – INDIAN

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New Year, new Call of Duty. This tradition continues even after Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard for $75.4 billion. Today we have our first video. This is a recorded video with chaotic footage.

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We observe TV camera footage. We see a group of people apparently entering closed government territory at night without permission. The characters then get into the car and a group of security guards appear in daylight. It’s at the end of the video Mount Rushmore. Presidents are blindfolded with an inscription at the US National Memorial True False. So the truth lies.

This slogan forms the new website. There is an old TV on it that acts as a player. This trailer is spinning in circles. Other channels indicate that we will see more videos. There are six channels, which means five more videos?

Something else. The wolf logo confirms that we’ll see gameplay footage of this year’s Call of Duty on June 9th. Presentation of Xbox games in a special Direct.

The assumption states that it will be about Black Ops Gulf War The action takes place during the Gulf War. The game will reportedly release on October 25, 2024 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

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Source :Indian TV

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