Impressions from playing Gray Zone Warfare

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MADFINGER Games is a studio that most gamers associate with mobile games. So it was surprising when it was announced that the company was working on FPS Gray Zone Warfare, which would be aimed at PCs rather than mobile devices. Now this shooter has appeared in early access and has become a hit. The following lines will tell you whether it is authorized.

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Besides forming your own expeditions, there is no shortage of missions in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare is one challenging game. However, this is definitely not DayZ, where you run around a landscape and have to create your own stories. Fortunately, nothing like that. This FPS gives you the ability to complete clearly defined objectives, so you can immerse yourself or with a group in a game world full of potential for your own stories and different tasks. The order processing itself is not at all complicated. It actually has a traditional look, so you basically discover, collect, or bring something to base camp in your backpack. The concept is functional, so I wouldn’t say I was ever bored on this side. There was always something to do.

The missions are designed so that the player slowly discovers the game world that Gray Zone Warfare has to offer, which is by no means a small area to explore. In fact, following the example of other representatives of this genre, it gives you a giant map that you have the opportunity to wander around on your own or with the help of helicopters, with which you can reach a lot of things. All you need to do is discover the given positions and a point will appear there more than once, to which you can go next time into the bowels of the aircraft. The cities, villages and abandoned farmsteads themselves are for the most part points infested with enemies.

In short, you won’t find many AI friends here, so you’ll have to be on your guard at all times. In this regard, Gray Zone Warfare plays completely differently, provided that you go into battle not with a group of friends, but alone. I tested both formats and I have to say that when I traveled around the map alone, the game was much more difficult for me because it was simply not forgiving and the pressure from the AI ​​during such expeditions was often unbearable, also due to the case is that quality can be replaced by quantity within opponents.

In this case, the enemy circle consists of opponents with different equipment, whose equipment often determines where you are in the game world when the fight begins. Some natives only have a bulletproof vest, an uncomfortable school bag, an AKM and a bandana, which does little to protect against shells. But, as it turned out, in addition to these slackers, there are also those to whom the studio assigned the best equipment, and sometimes even a special role in certain tasks.

If you accidentally have to eliminate these “elites”, you will have to think about the fact that the one of you who has this task must deal the final blow, because otherwise the execution will not count towards him, despite his presence in the party. , which I didn’t really like, this idea has been recycled in more than one MMO. The general impression would be that one elimination for the entire group would look more realistic. Overall, however, Gray Zone Warfare relies on acceptable realism. In fact, this is one of the basic factors of this work, although I think it is not as extreme as, for example, in DayZ.

The creators’ efforts to give players the maximum experience are reflected in the behavior of the weapon and how your character reacts to injury, lack of food, dehydration or lack of blood, which can lead to a coma from which you will never recover. up, at least in single-player format. Unfortunately, Gray Zone Warfare shares similarities with DayZ not only in the desire for realistic processing, but also in the way optimization is carried out, the functioning of some factors, and the release into early access in general. The game doesn’t work very well right now. There are difficulties with the servers, and there is no shortage of bugs either. In short, it’s clear from filming that he still needs a lot of love, which may not have been given to him due to the slightly rushed release. However, I believe there will be changes in this regard.

The authors of Gray Zone Warfare managed to create something extraordinary

The war in the gray zone is among the revelations. A few months ago, no one expected much from this game, but now it is one of the most popular games on Steam. At least for myself, I would say that this position is deserved, despite the controversial technical side. This is because it is a very strict first-person shooter that doesn’t match the player for a moment and aims for the most realistic handling without crossing the line where the gameplay becomes frustrating.

Of course, there are also the previously described disadvantages of prior access. However, I personally believe that the developers will be able to fine-tune this fun shooter in a visually very interesting environment, resulting in a significantly more customized experience at the end of development than DayZ offered us upon release.

FPS Gray Zone Warfare is available in Early Access on PC via the Steam game client, where it can be accessed starting April 30, 2024.

Source :Indian TV

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