A new DOOM, apparently, is just around the corner

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The events of the last few days suggest that we may soon see the announcement of a new part of the DOOM series. After some time, journalist Tom Warren from The Verge magazine was the first to spread speculation, who repeatedly pointed out that a sequel to the famous action film had been revealed. was supposed to happen at the Xbox Games Showcase in June. British Eurogamer sources also have the same information.

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In addition to these mentions, she attracted attention IDKFA brand, which was recently registered by Bethesda. This is one of the well-known cheats in the DOOM series, so it is possible that the publisher is trying to attract attention to the upcoming release of a new part in this direction.

More on the development of the next Doom already said in the past. Microsoft even mentioned him in a famous lawsuit with antitrust authorities, which was related to the purchase of Activision. So far, the last full-fledged entry in the series was 2020’s Doom Eternal, so fans would certainly deserve the return of this traditional gaming brand.

Source :Indian TV

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