Jurassic World Evolution 2’s Prehistoric Creatures Pack Could Make Fans’ Wish Come True – INDIAN

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Recently, the British studio Frontier Developments announced that it had entered into an agreement with the film studio Universal, from which it would release third Jurassic World video game. And even if no one wants to directly say whether this will be the third part of the Jurassic World Evolution series, everyone somehow automatically expects it. However, we still have something for the fans. Jurassic World Evolution 2. Construction strategy from 2021 in just a few days, namely May 16/May 2024will enrich the new DLC.

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If previous paid add-ons were not very attractive in the eyes of many players, then this time it seems that Frontier intends to fulfill the wishes of more than one fan. The Park Managers’ Collection Pack extension may have a slightly harsh name, but it offers a varied selection of prehistoric creatures, undoubtedly controlled by the enormous sea predator Megalodon. Those who would like to see the massive predator in the air rather than in the water can start looking for the thanatos dragon with a wingspan of up to 9 meters.

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Source :Indian TV

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