The developers of Marvel Rivals have banned criticism of the game. Now they regret it and apologize – INDIAN

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Heroic deed Marvel Rivals in the style of Overwatch, there is one contradiction behind it. The first wave of players and content creators has entered closed alpha testing. Everyone had to agree to the terms. It just so happens that no one really reads you.

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Popular streamer Brandon “A_Seagull” Larned read them and found out one interesting thing. In paragraph 2.1, see prohibits content creators from criticizing the game. They agree that they will not make any public statements or engage in discussions that could damage the reputation of the game.

Examples are even given in the contract. “Disparaging or satirical comments regarding any game-related materials, such as features, characters, or music,” as well as “malicious comparisons or disparages of gameplay or differences in Marvel Rivals or providing subjective, negative game reviews

Such conditions are very surprising. Especially considering the previously made promise that there would be no restrictions. The developers even encouraged players to share their opinions and broadcast.

Chinese company NetEase in unexpected conditions he sincerely apologizes. The application was sent to the PCGamesN server, where the clause in the contract was marked as inappropriate and misleading. Work is currently underway to amend the document, which will be available to all content creators.

Marvel Rivals is a heroic third-person action game that features six-on-six battles against iconic Marvel superheroes and supervillains in familiar locations.

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Source :Indian TV

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