What will Microsoft show at Xbox Games Showcase 2024? Interesting behind-the-scenes gossip – INDIAN

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In recent days, Fr. Microsoft did not speak positively due to disruption of studies Arcane Austin, Tango Gameworks And Alpha games with dogs. However, next month the US tech giant will want to prove that its fans can look forward to a wide variety of games.

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As we know, it will take place on June 9 at seven o’clock in the evening our time. Presentation of Xbox games, featuring games from Xbox, Bethesda, Activision Blizzard and partners around the world. Top analysts are now rushing to tell us what to expect at the event.

Senua Saga Hellblade 2 will be released in May, so it is possible that Microsoft will only recall the title from Ninja Theory. I’ll definitely stop at Indiana Jones and the Big Circle from MachineGames, Recognized from Obsidian, we will certainly witness the emergence of a new example of the expected Fables and the announcement should be a surprise Gears 6. Personally, I’m curious to see if the rumors of a Halo-style compilation of previous titles come true.

What’s next? Insider and journalist Jeff Grubb mentions Perfect darkness. The spy operation was in poor shape, according to reports last week. Not everyone agrees. Grubb is not alone. Nate the Hate insider also expects Perfect Dark to be featured at the Xbox Games Showcase. According to him, information about development problems may have been out of date.. Alternatively, it could be the perception of one/two people, which is what Grubb believes is usually the case. If Perfect Dark doesn’t come out this summer, Nate Hater won’t make a science out of it. Microsoft may keep the trailer until the end of the year to tease the future.

It is also expected Decay state 3. Game development at Undead Labds should look very, very, very good. At least this he claims Eat Corden from Windows Central. So Microsoft will probably have no reason to delay the presentation of the third part of the survival action game.

In addition, Microsoft could boast of developing a new shooter from the series Rock. He thinks so Tom Warren from The Verge. By the way, ZeniMax Media recently registered a trademark. IDKFA. This, as fans well know, is a famous cheat.

Upon completion of the presentation, a new Call of Duty from the Treyarch studio is expected. This is a continuation of the famous Black Ops series and takes us to the Gulf War.

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