The end of PlayStation exclusives? Final Fantasy publisher to focus on cross-platform gaming – INDIAN

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New President Enix Square he ordered changes. Earlier this month he announced a change in focus on higher quality games. Now comes the second part of his strategy. She strays from exclusives and Forges an aggressive path in multi-platform AAA gaming.

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In recent years, Square Enix has teamed up with Sony to release PlayStation exclusive (or timed exclusive) games. The situation must change in the short and medium term. More games should be cross-platform. Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms are mentioned. The plan also hints at the possibility of making older games available on new platforms, so older games could very well be released on Xbox. After all, a few months ago an MMORPG appeared on “green” consoles. Final Fantasy XIV.

This will also be important for Square Enix in the coming years. develop and publish fun games. They are designed for players on as many platforms as possible. In this way, the Japanese company reacts to a decline in sales, which was also recorded in Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII. The continuation of the successful remake was released on February 29 this year on PlayStation 5, and the PC version is already on its way.

As a reminder, in recent years Square Enix has released Forspoken, Valkyrie Elysium and Final Fantasy XVI for PlayStation and PC, Triangle Strategy, Harvestella, Paranormasight and Dragon Quest Treasures for Nintendo Switch and PC, and Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince for Switch.

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